Patient God, Impatient People

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A couple of weeks ago, I lost my cool.  Someone did something that caused me a minor inconvenience, so I hastily picked up the phone, called the person, and abruptly asked, “Why did you do that?”  Realizing my impetuousness a few moments later, I apologized for becoming frustrated too quickly.

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Charleston, Race, and Christian Responsibility

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I felt numb as I read the news of a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.  Not only had a young man heartlessly shot 9 people at a Bible study, but his racial motivation was explicit.  During the shooting, he stood up and declared that he was there “to shoot black people.”   After his arrest, he made no effort to conceal his disgusting motives; he plainly told investigators that he wanted a race war.  Though violence of any kind is horrific, it is the blatant racial hatred that motivated this shooting which makes it so difficult for me to comprehend. Continue reading