About Me


Who Am I?

My name is Eric Price.  I came to faith in Jesus Christ when I was 14 and have been following him (imperfectly) ever since.  I grew up in Athens, GA; Subic Bay, Philippines; and Vienna, VA (outside of Washington D.C.).  When I was 19, I moved to Chicago to study at Moody Bible Institute, and I am now in a suburb of Chicago (Deerfield) working on my Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  I have a deep desire to teach the Bible in order to help people encounter God and know Him more intimately.  I am privileged to be married to Sarah, and we have a passion to serve Christ together.

Why this blog?

I had several intentions for starting this blog:

  • To share thoughts on what I am reading in the Bible.
  • To reflect on topics related to ministry.
  • To stimulate conversation with others (both in person and online).
  • To help others walk more deeply with Christ.

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